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prayer journal for littles

As godparents to two sweet little guys, our responsibility is to help guide them closer to God. We talk with the boys about Jesus and His beautiful Mama and will pray short, toddler prayers with them. However, our ultimate goal is to encourage these type of daily interactions with God and Our Lady as they journey through life and know that they are never alone. As they grow, we hope to eventually incorporate a journal into their prayer life-- knowing that there is power in the pen. Prayer is simply a conversation with Our Merciful Lord and through prayer, we come to learn the sound of His voice. A journal could help enrich that conversation. You might be familiar with the ACTS form of prayer: Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. The outlined pages in this journal incorporate the ACTS style of prayer, but through the lens of a kiddo. Included in this resource is a list of other ideas that can be added to the prayer journal. For example, favorite scriptures from the Bible or letters I write to God. For the time being, the boys will be using this prayer journal with a bit more guidance from mama and papa, but OUR prayer is that this practice will form a habit that they can carry with them as they navigate life with Jesus and Our Lady.

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clip-art not included in the resource. for personal use only

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